Here at JRL, We are always striving to utilise the best and most proven gentics we can find.

We have been also doing some AI and IVF work this year. Sires used in our AI programs this year include JDH NAVASOTA (USA), NCC JAGUAR (Top selling JDH ELMO son), NCC EL TORO (high selling, proven SUGARWOOD son) JDH ELEFANTE, and MR V8 459("NOBLE") another JDH ELMO son. (ALL PICTURED)

We are very excited to announce our IVF work this season has been done using great sires such as:

FBC MANDRAKE, one of the FBC studs most successful sires, JDH JENE, JDH MADISON,  JDH MARTIN, NCC EL TORO, MR V8 660 and JDH MR BOSWICK. (PICTURED ALSO)

We look forward to the up coming calves later on 2016 and 2017!

We also have been lucky enough to purchase some FBC ARNIE and FBC CHARLES semen, which will be used in some up coming IVF programs soon!

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